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Moving a piano is no child play and is not fun. It is heavy, oddly shaped and extremely heavy. Attempting to move piano without a professional knowledge is very dangerous and you could end up with a costly damage if you are lucky without sustaining a terrible injury. I have heard our past customers pat themselves on the back telling unpleasant stories how they had moved or tried to move their piano in the past, but confessed to never attempting doing it again. If you think about moving your piano, Please STOP!! DO NOT TRY IT. The cost of moving a piano is worth less than the injury you could sustain and the property damages that may cause.

​At On-Demand Services, LLC we have the well trained and knowledgeable piano movers. We can make your piano move seamless and stress-free like you would never have believed. We handle pianos of all types, be they uprights or grands, with care and an eye on safety.

​It is recommended you do not hire a piano mover without a basic knowledge of how a piano works. At least we do, and we would like to share some basic knowledge and fun facts about your piano.

How Does a Piano Work?

10 Fun Facts About Piano.

We are music lovers. We like the excitement of moving a piano.

​Do you need a superb piano mover? You have come to the right place.

Why Hire a Professional Piano Movers Like Us?

  • ​​ To avoid injury. There’s no such thing as a light piano, with even small pianos weighing in at about 450 pounds. On the other end, large pianos can weigh more than 1,000 pounds. Even experienced movers can injure themselves with that kind of weight. Choosing a professional piano moving company guarantees you'll be working with a mover who knows how to keep themselves and their team safe.

  • To avoid damage to your home. Pianos can do serious damage to hardwood floors, walls, staircases and door frames. The cost of fixing this damage is often greater than hiring an experienced, professional mover from the start with the equipment and expertise to handle your piano.

  • To avoid damage to your instrument. Despite their size and weight, pianos have delicate inner workings that are susceptible to damage if they are not properly padded, shifted, and secured in the truck during the move. Our moving staff know how to protectively wrap your instrument; move it using special dollies, skid boards and ramps; and load it in and out of the moving truck so it's secure during every stage of the move until it reaches its new home.

  • To save you time. Inexperienced movers often have difficulty moving pianos, even over a short distance. From not knowing how to prepare the piano to having inadequate or no suitable equipment, their inexperience can turn moving a piano into a nightmare. On-Demand Moving Services can arrive, move, load and leave with your piano in under an hour.

  • It is affordable. Sure, you could move a piano by yourself - but why risk it?  Renting a truck, fueling it, paying for help… these costs add up and if anything is damaged, the  costs to repair the instrument and its environment can be excessive. Hiring our professional movers is far more cost effective than a do-it-yourself piano move, especially if you end up having to pay for repairs.  

  • It's easy. Call On-Demand Moving Services on 1.888.208.1989, you won't believe how easy to move your piano until you see us do it.Wacthing us doing the prep work, wrapping and using our specialized equipment and seeing how easy we made it look like will be the hightlight of your day.