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Do you know that from a business standpoint, making a decision to move to a new location communicates a lot about your company and impacts your company’s brand, employees, vendors, clients and customers. It also plays a huge role in influencing company culture and employee attitudes. Even before the decision to relocate was made, your management team weighed many options and considered the consequences. Moving can support your company’s growth initiatives, save costs, boost efficiencies and productivity or realign strategies.

Choosing the right moving company!!!

On-Demand Moving Services specializes in moving offices of all sizes and has developed proven strategies, planning and efficient systems that would allow a streamlined relocation into your new office building. 

Building to building move
Interior building move
Packing Services
Employee Relocation
Storage Services
Third Party vendor services

Building to building move 

You want to move to a new building across the block or miles away, ODS, LLC can provide planning services, moving crews, trucks, and all necessary equipment to safely and efficiently complete your move to a new location. On-Demand Moving Services is capable of providing local moves and long distance moves (anywhere within the United States).

Interior building move

New equipment installations, building renovations or business expansion may trigger the need for acquiring extra spaces within your current building location. ODS, LLC can assist you with the challenges of moving and the reconfiguration of your entire floor plan arrangements with minimal disruptions to business continuity. Most small to medium size companies have little experience managing a project of this scale and often need help. On-Demand Moving Services is capable of providing specific moving expertise and assistance.

Furniture Disassembly & Re-Assembly Services
Whether it’s moving your office to a larger location, merging offices, adding a new office or even moving corporate headquarters, any relocation of employees is a complex project.

Our professional furniture installation staff can assist with all of your furniture needs including:

  • Disassembly and re-assembly of furniture during a building to building move including cubicles, modular desks, conference tables and shelving.
  • Re-configuration of cubicles during an internal office move.
  • Installation of a number of different furniture brands including Herman Miller, Steelcase, Hayworth, BPI and many others.
  • Wall-mounting services including white boards, shelving and pictures.

Our installers will take the time to ensure that modular furniture is properly leveled after installation is finished.

Packing & Unpacking Services
ODS,LLC can provide packing and unpacking services for libraries, file rooms, supply rooms, and warehouse inventory. To ensure organized transfer of your library, file room or inventory materials, On-Demand Moving Services will develop a labeling system to ensure that all items are properly placed at the new location. On-Demand Moving Services will provide specialized equipment, including library carts and inventory carts to ensure safe transport of materials. Stretch-wrap is commonly used on the carts during the move to ensure materials are not lost or damaged.

Employee Relocation Services
ODS, LLC can develop an employee relocation assistance program tailored to the unique needs of your company. With a single phone call to 888.208.1989, our team of professionals will begin working with your employee immediately to help facilitate a stress-free and timely office move.

Storage Services
ODS, LLC will provide a team of professional movers to pick up and or deliver items to or from your office. All items are stored within a secured warehouse environment. Access to the storage units can be arranged by any person authorized by your company.

Third Party Services – Arranged by On-Demand Services, LLC
Security services
Space planning services
Furniture touch-up services
Computer and electronics disconnect and re-connect services
Electronics Recycling Services
Cubicle electrical / cabling service
Furniture cleaning services
Fitness equipment relocation services

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