How we Move Green: 4 Simple Steps.

Low and Clean Emission Trucks

Our fleet of trucks is non-diesel operated with low and clean emissions that meet strict environmental standards. Trucks that use diesel fuel emit harmful toxins into our air and are responsible for the majority of cancer risks from outdoor air pollutants. Diesel particulate matter also contributes to more than 2,000 premature deaths, asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems each year. These problems are exacerbated when large, moving vehicles are left idling. Our trucks are equipped with only battery-operated lift gates or ramps. Moving trucks with battery-operated lift gates ensure that there is no need to leave the trucks idling at your curb while the move is taking place. You can tell we value your health.

Less Waste and Save Money

From boxes to bubble wrap, we only use 100 percent recyclable materials to keep our neighborhoods cleaner and greener. Save money by asking for boxes you can rent from us rather than buying your own boxes. If you have already bought boxes, we can buy your used boxes back from you after your move. Cha-ching! Money saved.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We are eco-friendly movers, and we make every waste from your move a green disposal process by connecting you with charities that can really make use of all that furniture, old clothes, and books, food banks that can use those Costco-sized cans of tuna, and recyclers that will dispose of your unwanted items in an eco-friendly way. We have alliances with charities and domestic e-waste recyclers so your old computers, microwaves, etc. are not shipped off to unregulated third-world environmental disaster dumping grounds but instead are recycled in facilities that follow U.S. environmental regulations. Come on, you know your new place will thank you for it.

Partner With Us, Hire Us

We value relationships. Many companies think of moving as a one-time transaction. They don’t care if they ever see you or your neighbors again. Yikes, how do you think they will treat you and your stuff? This is why On-Demand Services, LLC, is different.
When you use a moving company that takes the extra steps to be more environmentally friendly, like we do, you are also gaining movers that go the extra mile in providing top-of-the-line client service. Chances are, if they care about the earth, they care about the people that inhabit it too. They care about lasting relationships. You don't have to think green all the time; you simply have to hire us for your move to be environmentally conscious and to play a role within our community. It’s a great big green win-win!

Choose us because of.. Our Excellent Service
Choose us because of our reputation for excellence. We've earned a name for our excellent customer service and being there for you at the most difficult times when relocating you across town, city, or state may have you scrambling and not knowing where to start or to begin your move. The clients we serve rely on us for a stress-free moving service. You should enjoy peace of mind knowing your move is in good hands while focusing on things that matter more to you, such as family and loved ones. Leave the rest to us.

Choose us because we are..Trustworthy & Reliable

Choose us because we are honest and trustworthy. You are already thinking about how to select or choose a moving company that is trustworthy, and you cannot underestimate the benefits and peace of mind that come from hiring a reliable mover. Whether your move is local, long-distance, or commercial, your fundamental guide is to understand a company's reputation. How past clients are treated is an indicator of how you will be treated. To explore a company's reputation, you have to check the company's reviews, ratings, and comments online. We have references we can provide you with, or you can simply read our online reviews to see for yourself.

Choose us because of..Our Passion for the Environment
Moving creates a lot of waste, and when you think of moving, what comes to mind first is landfill waste. Boxes, boxes, and boxes. Keeping the earth clean is part of what we care about, so we take steps to be environmentally friendly. We are an environmentally friendly organization. There are steps we have implemented into our business and moving processes that we can apply to help you move with the smallest carbon footprint possible without incurring any additional costs. In fact, moving green can actually be less expensive for you.

Why Hire ODS, LLC?

Amazing service!

Happy customer!
"Wow! These guys were amazing! My original movers cancelled last minute (8pm on moving night) on me but when I got in contact with Lanre he had a three man crew at my place at 10pm that night!! The guys worked fast and were very friendly and professional. I couldn't have been more pleased with the service. The most incredible thing was I had been searching everywhere that day for money that I could not find. The guys showed up to the unloading location with the money I had lost. It's hard to find such honest people! Thank you so much Lanre you are a hero!!!"


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