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Furniture Solution

On-Demand Services, LLC (ODS) offers comprehensive furniture planning, installation and management solutions for commercial, corporate and government clients. ODS does not offer furniture manufacturing or sale, but we can connect clients directly to the network of furniture manufacturers and we do offer full services for all other furniture needs. We can evaluate your new or current work space and help you make a determination about how to best fill your space for maximum efficiency using computer aided design (CAD) for you to see the end product results before we even set up the furniture. ODS team of space planners can help you use current furniture pieces to reconfigure your space, select the best new items to redo the space entirely or combine existing and new furniture for a best-value solution. 

Our team is available to perform and maintain a full inventory of your furniture items to make the best use of the items that you already have. We can also help you make a determination about which pieces are still in usable condition, which items should be stored for future use or as parts, and which items need to be disposed for recycling. We have accounts with disposal centers and recycling centers across the New Jersey, Delaware, Washington DC and Baltimore Metro areas that allow us to easily dispose of your excess furniture. 

ODS team is experienced in all of the lines most commonly used by the federal government (including Knoll, Herman Miller, HON, Steelcase, Allsteel, Haworth, Kimble, and UNICOR) as well as all other major brands currently available in the United States. ODS installers will perform a complete de-installation of your existing furniture for re-use or disposal as appropriate. This includes the disconnection of all electrical components and dismantling of furniture parts, while using the utmost care to make sure that any piece to be reused is preserved in its existing condition.  Our installers will also perform the reconfiguration or build of your new furniture according to your specifications.  This is a complete turnkey service that includes installation of all accessories, the hookup of electrical components, and availability for any necessary adjustments to the furniture that clients discover after inhabiting their new work area.