​​Storage services are one of the optional service we provide. We can provide both short-term and long-term storage. The overall cost of storage is dependent on the size of the storage space necessary to accommodate your shipment and the duration of time (weeks or months) of storage. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your storage options. Read more about our storage services


ODS certified professionals are always prepared to disassemble and prep, or assemble and secure any type of furniture made around the world. ODS appreciates the monetary and intrinsic value of these unique and specialty designed pieces and helps to ensure their proper reassembly and working order at their final resting place.

Debris and Junk Removal

On-Demand Moving Services (ODS) can safely remove and recycle office and household furniture, cardboard and paper packing materials from residence. ODS will verify the location and quantity of all debris and compare it to the work order for accuracy prior to service. Customer is informed prior to arrival of the allowable items for disposal. All items from all areas are removed as requested, and the site is cleaned and free from loose paper or cardboard upon completion.

Flat Panels TVs

​​On-Demand Moving Services (ODS) will professionally disconnect, inspect, and pack all flat and curve panel TVs. All necessary wires and connections are labeled and packed for easy installation at destination. On-Demand Moving Services provides full service mounting and installation services at any location. Our services extend to other home theater needs, such as; disc players, audio receivers, DVR units, projection systems, speakers and all necessary in-home wiring and connection installation services

Hanging and Mounting Services
Our team of experts provide professional hanging and fastening services to mount items safely and securely to walls and ceilings. From sculptures and paintings to TVs and photo collages, our team of certified technicians will ensure all hung items are properly fastened and secured.

Playground Equipment

On-Demand Moving Services (ODS) crews will properly prepare metal swing sets, jungle gyms, tree houses and children’s play houses for transit. All disassembly, packing and reassembly of these items are performed onsite by certified ODS professionals.

Gas Hook Up Services
On-Demand Moving Services (ODS) will remove and facilitate delivery of any gas range, gas dryer, fireplace, or gas log system. ODS can professionally install and perform safety checks on any gas system at any home location.


Beds and Frames

Beds come in many shapes and sizes with many mechanical challenges. Rest assured, On-Demand Moving Services professional will disassemble and assemble your bed correctly so that you can get a good night’s sleep after your move.


​​On-Demand Moving Services (ODS) provides professional preparation services for any in home appliance. This includes the safe and proper disconnection of any domestic device prior to a move, as well as the safe and proper installation of any household good appliance after delivery.


​​​​As a crating leader in the household goods, via our third-party partners; On-Demand Moving Services can custom design and build protective, structurally sound crates and platforms anywhere in the US and Canada. We can engineer loads, provide proper rigging, and devise systems and programs that will meet the requirements of any company or transportation network.​

Parking Permits
If you live in Philadelphia metro, you may need a moving truck parking permit to ensure close access to your residence on move day. Parking permits also present the advantage to reduce the total time spent for the move crew to complete your move due to shorter distance from your door entrance to the truck. The City of Philadelphia requires (4) four business days to process requests. On-Demand Moving Services can arrange for the truck permit request and post on your street or parking space for a fee of $100 per permit/truck. The fee is $25 if you apply on your own. 
Inquire way in advance if your street or landlord needs a moving parking permit for a move truck.
To apply for a permit, you can do a walk-in or go online and apply:
City of Philadelphia
Streets Department
Highway Division - Right-of-Way Unit
Municipal Services Building
1401 John F Kennedy Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1676
Permits Group: (215) 686-5503/5097

Laboratory Moving Services
We are a leader among laboratory and medical equipment moving companies in Delaware. At On-Demand Moving, we excel at offering customizable, turnkey solutions for the relocation needs of many different organizations. Our expertise allows us to handle any sized relocation and any project scope, from a massive laboratory to a group of medical offices. Some of the medical and lab equipment we have experience in moving includes MRIs, imaging machines, X-Rays, centrifuges, test tubes, hospital beds, microscopes and other large, sensitive machinery. We specialize in our extraordinary attention to detail when handling delicate, expensive lab and medical equipment. 

Pool Tables

​​On-Demand Moving Services (ODS) prepares billiard tables of all designs and sizes. Our team of professionals will disassemble, inventory, and protect tables for shipment. Once delivered, pool tables are reassembled, re-felted and balanced during installation. Inspections are performed both before and after the move to ensure that items arrive in the same, if not better, condition as they left.


​​You can trust On-Demand Moving Services (ODS) to safely prepare and disassemble and reassemble grandfather and grandmother clocks, as well as wall and cuckoo clocks of all sizes and values. ODS appreciates the monetary and intrinsic value of these time pieces and helps ensure their safe transport and delivery.

Packing & Unpacking

Packing and Unpacking is one of our most requested complementary service. The packing service involves providing you boxes and packing materials to pack your own items into boxes. On-Demand Moving Services can also do the entire packing for you. Professionally packed boxes are  critical to ensuring your belongings arrive at their new destination unharmed. Packing service cost are dependent upon the amount and materials/supplies used on the job site.
Unpacking services utilize our team of experienced movers. As we unpack your items, we take all the boxes and paper with us for recycling or reuse.

Piano Moving

Pianos are expensive, they’re heavy, often have great sentimental value, and they can be extraordinarily difficult to move. Unless, of course, you have the right equipment, training, and people to do the job properly. Whether you are moving a piano by itself or it is part of an entire household move, this service requires special handling and often calls for specialized equipment. Our moving associates are trained in the proper handling of all types of pianos and use specialized dollies, straps, piano boards, ramps and pads to ensure they are transported in a safe and secure manner. If a piano is part of your move, please be sure to discuss this with our sales associate.

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Move-in/Move-out cleaning 

Gone are the days you have to go through the stress of searching for a reliable mover to move your home, apartment or office and then start all over the same process of searching and hiring a reputable cleaning service. We can take care of both for you. Learn more...

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